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pH Minus, 7.0 Pounds

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pH Minus, 7.0 Pounds

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pH Minus, 7.0 Pounds


*To Decrease Alkalinity by 10 ppm:

       -Add 2 pounds per 10,000 gallons
       -Add 10 pounds per 50,000 gallons
Note: The way to decrease Alkalinity is by "Column feeding"
 or "Slugging" liquid acid in the deep end of the pool with the
 circulation pump off. (Column feeding or Slugging is pouring
 the prescribed amount of acid in one spot at one time when
 the pool is closed to swimmers
To Lower pH:
Pool Volume:        2500           5000           10000               20000
If pH 7.0:                2oz.             4oz.             8oz.                  1lb.
If pH 6.6:                4oz.             8oz.             1lb.                   2lbs.
If pH 6.4:                6oz.             12oz.           1lb. 80z.          3lbs.
*pH ideal range is 7.2-7.8
*Correct pH:
                *allows sanitizer to work more effectively
                *reduces equipment corrosion
                *reduces eye and skin irritation and dryness (pH of eye is 7.4)
 *Alkalinity needs to stay between 80-120ppm to stabilize pH at correct levels